Yarn.....Endless Passion

There are numerous types of yarns that you can use for your knitting. Whether you are doing it as a hobby or for profit, finding the right type of yarn to use ensures that you will create the fabric pieces you envisioned, from the texture to the overall appearance.

Wool Yarn
Wool yarn is a wonderful choice for winter clothing accessories. It offers a warm feel, even in the rain and will last you for years without losing shape. It can also be cleaned rather easily when it gets stained and this is why so many knitters around the world prefer this natural yarn fiber over others.


Mohair comes from the hair of the Angora goat. It is super soft, durable, resistant, and has a notable shine.
Mohair offers excellent moisture evaporation and insulating properties. It is a luxury fiber that will work in all the seasons.
Mohair can be worn in both summer and winter. 

Organic Yarn
This yarn is produced from wool that hasn’t come into contact with any chemicals. It is taken from sheep with no artificial additions.
The majority of organic yarns are sourced from Merino sheep and the wool is mostly used for knitting garments. The procedure of getting this wool fiber is also environmentally friendly.

This fabric is quite easy to work with, although it can also be very slippery. Silk is also strong and shiny. It has a shiny appearance and feels quite soft on the skin. This is the most expensive yarn fiber on this article. Its strong and relatively cool feel makes it a great choice for summer garments.  You might also want to know that silk is the strongest natural fiber available!

Cotton is produced by the cotton plants. Cotton yarn is strong, breathable, and comes in a variety of types. Cotton’s breathability makes it an ideal fabric for knitting summer garments, scrubbies, and dishcloths. Cotton can also absorb as much as 27 times its weight when placed in water. So, it won’t be a good idea to get into the swimming pool with a cotton knitted swimsuit.

Bamboo Yarn
Bamboo is a natural fiber. It wears pretty well and has long been considered to have antibacterial qualities. The fabric has a very soft feel, as well as a wonderful drape. Bamboo is ideally used in making garments that require drape. Given its high breathability, Bamboo is a cool natural fiber that would be great for summer tops or sweaters.

Acrylic is man-made and offers a much cheaper option compared to most natural fibers. It cleans up easily and is color-fast, making it a nice choice for amateur knitters.

Polyester Yarn
Polyester yarn consists of cotton/wool/ and blends of yarn.

Knowing the properties and ideal use of each one of them helps to make the knitting project easier and more satisfying.
This is the only way your hands are going to create an art masterpiece that will make your efforts worthwhile.

Enjoy your knitting!